Supplies List for Project

There are three main components of this project: the gloves (along with separate “finger covers”), the GSR detector, and the LED array. There’s also going to be some kind of a display element for the final presentation of the piece, but I haven’t yet decided what kind of a display method I’m going to be using, so I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to need to make anything for that yet or not. Continue reading →


Timeline for Project Execution

Nov. 2nd- Finalize which type of sensor I’m going to use; get feedback about knitting patterns and what kind of materials I should use; think about possible implications/concepts behind various types of glove patterns

Nov. 3rd- Have electronics supplies ordered

Nov. 9th- Have all supplies known at present bought, except for LEDs; have swatch of knitting completed; have a glove pattern decided on and acquired and knitting on the main gauntlet started; if possible (if supplies arrive) have circuit ready for testing on a breadboard; determine number and kind of LEDs needed; start thinking about display

Nov. 16th- Have circuit ready for testing; have finger “sleeves” finished being knit and test conductivity; more progress on main gauntlets; have programming/processing with the Arduino underway; have display method decided on; order flora and LEDs

Nov. 23rd- Keep working on everything

Nov. 24th- Eat lots of turkey

Nov. 30th- Have all knitting completed; have all testing completed, programming/processing completed, and all circuits ready to be “installed” into gloves; have LED attachment to gloves underway; determine size that the photos for display should be

Dec. 6th- Have gloves completed; document gloves in action; get photos printed

Dec. 7th- Gloves completed; display completed, including photo documentation of gloves in action


“Wearing your heart on your sleeve”

As I’m kind of narrowing down my focus on what my research project might potentially be, this phrase keeps getting stuck in my head- “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. It’s been coming up in my brain a lot, I think, due to the fact that, while I’ve got a pretty good handle on the kind of general thing I’m want to make–a wearable that visually represents changes in body temperature to reflect changing emotions–I’ve been really struggling as to what kind of form it should take. Continue reading →