Final Push!

I’ve made a whole lot of progress since my last update!

When I was in class last week, I was discussing with Annet how I should go about the display for this piece on the display stands we’ll have for the final show at OpenWorks. There were a whole bunch of scrap wood cut-outs from cutting all the display stand pieces on the CNC router, and Annet suggested I take some of these and make a kind of secondary display stand for the glove display.


I’ve also finally gotten the arduino code working!! Alan spent a bunch of time working on this with me on Saturday and finally got it figured out, so now my lights are working almost exactly how I’d wanted them to (ideally they would’ve done a few different things, but I just have to keep reminding myself this is a prototype).

Likewise, I’ve started getting the lights wired into the gloves. I still have quite a bit more to do, but I’ve got all day today and most of the day tomorrow, and I’ve finally gotten a soldering/wiring rhythm down that’s been speeding up the work. At about a third of the way done, it occurred to me that I should test everything to make sure it was all working correctly, and it turned out it was! 🙂



Ignore the one that looks like it’s not working at the top; it’s not actually wired in. 😉


The only regret I have is that I worked so hard on knitting this beautiful glove, and with the lights turned on, it’s hard to see the workmanship of it all. Oh well.

The things I still need to do at this point are:

  • finish wiring the lights into the gloves
  • tidy up the wiring of the circuit (I put it together kind of fast and dirty in class last week just to get it working, but for it to be really secure, it needs to get quickly redone)
  • wire in the power supply to the trinket
  • sew in the finger cuffs (maybe)
  • build the display
  • sew down the wiring inside the glove (if there’s time)

I know that all sounds like a lot, but I don’t think it’s going to be. I’m finally feeling a lot better about everything being on track to get done.


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