Supplies List for Project

There are three main components of this project: the gloves (along with separate “finger covers”), the GSR detector, and the LED array. There’s also going to be some kind of a display element for the final presentation of the piece, but I haven’t yet decided what kind of a display method I’m going to be using, so I’m not sure yet whether I’m going to need to make anything for that yet or not.


  • fingerless glove pattern
  • yarn for main gloves and finger covers (merino for breathability)
  • conductive yarn (most likely get the same stuff as Annet leant you)
  • needles for each section
  • tapestry needle

GSR Detector (list mostly taken from The Truth Meter and multiplied by two for both arms)

Wearable LED Array (still unsure about much of this)

  • Sewable LEDs (perhaps the v2 Neopixels from Adafruit), not sure how many I’ll need yet (may mean I’ll also need to get a couple Flora as well as stranded core wire or copper braid to connect the LEDs if the amount is over 10 or so, which it likely will be)
  • If I end up using a Flora, then also needed is a specific UBS cable
  • May need a second power source specifically for the array (not sure what kind or what voltage yet) (In reference to the Flora: “There is an onboard polarized 2 JST battery connector with protection schottky diode for use with external battery packs from 3.5v to 16v DC in.”) as well as battery holders
  • Needles
  • Regular and (maybe) conductive thread

I’m also going to need an Arduino for programming just in general.



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