Day #5: Showing the work

Like I mentioned before, a few of us arrived early to finish the pieces up; Erin got to work on the knitting machine, and Esther and I worked on using the laser cutter to engrave on more muslin for us. We got everything done just in time for the group presentations of everyone’s work. It ended up being two suspended muslin panels w/ images of the radio waves engraved into them, with our FM receiver circuit hooked up to this really fancy antenna we made, with headphones plugged in so you could listen to it picking up radio waves, and a knitted piece that had as its colored pattern the images of the radio waves knit into it.

Everyone else’s pieces were really fantastic as well, and it was great to get them all installed and on display together.

After the presentations were over, we all had lunch together, courtesy of WdKA’s president. And then, sadly, it was time to go.




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