In Class Work- 9/28/16

Today’s class was all about arduinos, which I was pretty excited about, as I’m almost positive that arduino programming is going to figure heavily into my final research project. I’ve also just generally been really curious about working with arduinos for a number of years now, so either way, it was going to be a good class.

We started off by partnering up with someone else to experiment on the arduinos with. Then Ryan McKibbon began to take us through some pre-programmed “sketches”, first to troubleshoot our laptops with the devices, and then to take us through some really simple things that you can do with an arduino and an LED, a servo, and a potentiometer. We…

  • made an LED blink at a constant rate
  • made an LED blink at a variable rate
  • controlled the blink rate of an LED using a potentiometer, and
  • controlled the rotation of a servo using a potentiometer


Before we left for dinner, Ryan Hoover had us upload a new sketch to the arduinos. After dinner, we came back and worked with our partners again as Ryan Hoover went over how to use the program we’d previously uploaded to create a program in one of Grasshopper’s plugins, called Firefly (which is specifically adapted for interfacing with arduinos), to both read and write the arduino’s data. First, we went over how read from the arduino in order to use it to control objects in Rhino. Then we went over how to use changing parameters in Firefly to control the servo.





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