“Wearing your heart on your sleeve”

As I’m kind of narrowing down my focus on what my research project might potentially be, this phrase keeps getting stuck in my head- “wearing your heart on your sleeve”. It’s been coming up in my brain a lot, I think, due to the fact that, while I’ve got a pretty good handle on the kind of general thing I’m want to make–a wearable that visually represents changes in body temperature to reflect changing emotions–I’ve been really struggling as to what kind of form it should take. The thing is, I would want the wearable to read as being a natural article of clothing, and so doing something like just a pair of sleeves just feels kind of goofy to me.

A few friends of mine and I get together every month for a kind of creative meet-up, where we show and talk about the various projects that we’re working on at the moment and give feedback on each other’s work. Our September meet-up was just last night, and one of my friends brought an in-progress pair of fingerless gloves she was knitting for herself. Seeing those gloves kind of got me thinking about how just removing the fingers from/lengthening the wrist part of a glove kind of inadvertently turns it into something akin to a sleeve, while still looking like a normal piece of clothing. I did a bit of poking around online, and sure enough, long fingerless gloves are totally an actual thing.



Example of some that you can buy


I myself am an avid knitter, and knitting up a pair of glove-sleeves like this would be easy-peasy even if I put some kind of a design into them, like those pictured above; I think I’d most likely just keep them in a plain stockinette stitch to keep them from getting too busy, though. I’d probably have to knit up a few samples before I settled on exactly what kind of pattern to use. This would also give me an excuse to play around with conductive yarn, which I’ve been itching to do ever since I first found out it was a thing.


I’ve also already been able to find a bunch of free patterns for long fingerless gloves online, although frankly, with a bit more research, I could almost definitely come up with a pattern on my own.

I’m starting to feel pretty good about where this project is headed, that it’s actually a relatively reasonable thing to achieve.


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