In Class Work- 9/21/16

During class today, we focused on learning about various origami techniques. First, our visiting artist for the day, David Kandel, showed us all a bunch of samples of his and others’ origami work, which were all really beautiful (featured image is one of his pieces). After that, the class split into two work groups; mine stayed and continued working with David, learning about and experimenting with simple to more complex origami folding techniques.


After dinner, our group met with Ryan to work on learning how to draw up an origami folding template in Grasshopper and then cut it out using the laser cutter. I hit a few snafus following along writing the code in Grasshopper, but I only required a few minor fixes to get everything working right.


I don’t know that origami will end up figuring into my final work in this class, but it was really enjoyable to learn about. There’s a very pleasing tactility to the process that I liked a whole lot.


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