In Class Work- 9/14/16

Today’s in class work was focused on various types and forms of weaving. The work was divided into two sections- traditional and digital weaving techniques. The group I was in started off working with Ryan on learning about digital weaving using Grasshopper. Even though a lot of what we went over was completely new to me, I managed to follow along pretty well, and could probably even recreate some (though definitely not all) of what we did on my own.


We learned not only how to form a basic plain digital weave, but also how to manipulate different settings in the Grasshopper code to create different patterns in the digital weaving.


After this, we went and worked with visiting artist Mary Smull, who is a weaver up in Philadelphia (featured image is a detail of one of her pieces). First, she worked with us on learning how to draw and interpret weaving drafts, which are basically like a language/code universally understood among weavers for how to recreate any kind of weaving pattern.


Annet has previously set up an eight harness loom in the classroom, and after learning about weaving drafts, Mary demonstrated to us how to use it, and how by using different combinations of the loom’s treadles being attached to different harnesses, you could create a wide variety of different kinds of patterns. Then we were all given the opportunity to practice a bit on the loom to get a feel for what it was like ourselves.





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